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While the WDNR states: "Yellow perch constitute the most important native fish species in the nearshore fishery in the southeast region", but with 97% of the perch already gone, their actions tell a different story.
The purpose of this site is to keep the public informed as to the possible roles of both the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and the Legislature in the decline of sport fishing on Lake Michigan. We are left to wonder such things as, why is only sport license money used to subsidize commercial fishing and tax dollars used to subsidize their competitors, the aquafarmer. Why are public fish given away for free, when public trees are auctioned off? Why are so many public fish given to so few commercial fishermen. Since WI yellow perch numbers are down 97% why aren’t they or their spawning grounds protected from nets in the future? Why are sport businesses, which provide more jobs and money, sacrificed on the altar of a required commercial fishery?
Why all the concern with perch sport fishing? Let's compare the Milwaukee sport perch fishery, one with little or no participation, with only a 5 perch limit, with Chicago and their 15 perch limit?
"Economics alone demands that government do everything possible to maintain a viable sport fishery. Compared with an estimated $2.1 million economic impact of the five Illinois commercial operators, the Chicago sport perch fishery sustains and estimated value of $80 million"
. click here to read. or here by Brent Manning, IDNR.

While Wisconsins sport perch fishery is gone, along with it's economic help to SE Wisconsin counties. Click on chart to enlarge.

The Wis. sport perch fishery was wiped out by the overfishing of females and illegal harvests,(of about 6 million perch). Driving the number of females down to just 5%, forcing the closure of commercial perch fishing. By that time the damage was done, there weren't enough females left to repopulate the lake and here. For 20 years the yellow perch have been in serious trouble, after only a brief and small recovery after stocking in 1978 and 1981. With their disappearance, so went the sportsmen and those businesses dependent on them. Ominously, no more perch population estimates from the WDNR after the Lake Michigan population reached record lows in 2009 and after GB commercial perch limits were raised the second time to unharvestable levels (2008) and during falling population. We think it dangerous to not know how many perch are left. Is the WDNR trying to avoid finding out how bad the perch crisis is? While the WDNR starts their Graded Mesh Survey after Quota, we give you more.

It's time to end the needlessly expensive and ecologically damaging Quota system and either close all commercial fishing or go to an auction fishery. So few fish left in a vastly changed Lake Michigan requires no less. Commercial fishing was a business 130 years ago, times change, the lake has changed, time to let commercial fishing go the way of the Conestoga wagon, it's just too expensive to keep.

We also ask our members and the public for yet more help.
Anyone having information as to the final dispositon of about 153 liters of perch eggs produced from the 1997 Lake Michigan yellow perch brood stock program at the U.W. Water Institute, please contact us, anonymously, if you prefer. Does it serve the publics best interest, when public institutions are unwilling or unable to give a full and total disclosure of valuable public property, in this case about 18 million perch eggs, the resulting sac fry, or adult perch? If you can help, we ask you to please do so.

Also please write your Legislator and ask him or her, why they allow the taking of sport license money to subsidize commercial fishing, in apparent violation of Wisconsin Legislature (Chapter 418, Laws of 1977, Section 923 (37) (d) 3), or it's replacement? Why is the WDNR constantly pushing for tax dollars to subsidize commercial fishing, now that most fisheries are down 90%. Why does the DNR/Legislature care more about protecting the commercial fishermen’s right to future public fish instead of doing like in 1989 and reduce the number of fishers to protect the remaining endangered fisheries. With fish populations at bottom, what does the DNR envision doing with all those tax dollars, paying commercials to sit at the dock? To date, not one of the many Representatives contacted by our membership has had the courage to reply. If your Legislator refuses to reply, you may wish to remember that for the next election. Imagine all the perch that could be stocked using the over $700,000 per year stolen from the sportsmen to subsidize commercial fishing.

With such an overwhelming amount of data, from legal and economic to history and conflicting management practices, it has been suggested to provide another format. We hope you find this more helpful. To go to the old chronological order page, click here.

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