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1993 report in .doc format 4.5 megs.

1993 report in .PDF format 4.4 megs

This report mentions, "We have reviewed the yellow perch quota on approximately the proposed two-year interval being suggested by the Commercial fishing Work Group".

1. Nice to know that the DNR works for the Commercial fishing Work Group, or did.
2. When was the last time the DNR adjusted the quota?
3. When does the latest scientific data get inputted to that group next? I mean the fact that now sportsmen catch and keep fish that are over 50% larger then commercials target. Fair is fair right, or was the Commercial fishing work group just to make sure the commercials got their share?

Read the whole thing, nothing about lack of reproduction, nothing as to the over fishing by commercials, and last but not least not a single word about the plummeting number of females. The DNR's own Creel surveys that are taken in January and made available to the public by March. Showed that the percent of female perch went from 46% in 1986 to 39% in 1990, to 28% in 1991, to 18% in 1992 and down to just 14% in 1993, the year this report was submitted.

What kind of science is that when the number of females decreases to only 18% and it’s still business as usual? In my opinion that’s not science, but a crime.

And what were the actual results of 1993, the sportsmen were allocated 199,000 lbs and took only 121,000 lbs. The commercials were allocated 340,000 lbs and took a reported 267,000 lbs, what the illegal harvest was, who knows.