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1995 report in .doc format 12.2 megs.

Here is the 1995 report from the DNR, it pertains to reducing the limit of perch. Sorry the file is 12.2 megs.

Some of the interesting points in this report are

1. The copy of the Graded mesh survey 1986 – 1994 from the report. Again the most damning evidence against this report, is the fact that when the DNR publishes the GMS every spring, they always included the percent of males and females, but in this report those percentages are missing. Please note that by 1994 the percent of females was 11% and by 1995 was 10%. Click here for percent data.

2. See questions and answers, I just love number 12, “Sport fishers or the State of Wisconsin should buy out the commercial fishers". The DNR reply. “A buy-out of the commercial fishing industry could not have prevented the current problem and would probably not greatly accelerate recovery of the yellow perch population. This is not the appropriate place to review the complex issue of commercial buyouts”.

Dr. Wilberg finds that the commercials took an estimated 1.9 million pounds of illegal perch in addition to their 1.1 million pounds of legal perch. That 3 million pounds (about 9 million perch in 4 years) they caught to the sport caught total of 675,000 pounds. Dr. Wilberg’s conclusion in 2002 was that the perch were over harvested, by taking too many females and that the commercials did most of the damage. So, I believe that per Dr. Wilberg, the problem would have been prevented if there had been no commercial fishing for perch. Does that mean that now the sportsmen of this state can talk about buying out the commercials?

Remember, Dr. Wilberg received most of his data from the DNR.