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The CanAm investigation, was about investigating the illegal harvest and sales of yellow perch harvested by commercial fishers from Lake Michigan. Click on the above for the DNR report.

Here are some interesting quotes for that report.

In the words of another defendant fisher, "This is bigger than you think; almost everyone cheats on their quotas, and some cheat all the time. Things just got out of hand, we all got greedy."

How does the DNR justify this failure? Per the CanAm report, four commercial fishers entered guilty pleas. With 402,270 lbs. that can be substantiated that leaves over 1300 TONs of perch unsubstantiated per estimates.

What that comes to in numbers is this, these fishers admitted to the taking of between 1.2 and 1.6 million perch in 4 years

Per Dr. Wilberg's report, I figure that the estimated total illegal harvest of perch for those 4 years would come to about 1,931,000 pounds. That comes to about 5 to 6 million additional perch where taken illegally. How could the DNR let that happen, how does one miss the illegal landing of millions of perch. Just who got all those other millions of perch? What makes anyone think the DNR is now any more capable of preventing illegal commercial fishing on a grand scale? A lot of money was made on those illegal perch. I believe that the fine for those illegal perch came to about a penny or nickel apiece. Why is it that commercials are fined mere pennies per fish over the limit but sportsmen pay somewhere between $25 and $100 per fish? Yet another example of DNR favoritism towards commercials?