Email us your fishing report or pics of your latest catch.

8/7/2012 - wind ESE. Beautiful day for fishing, poor for catching. 3 guys had about 10 perch. Mr. Smith is right when he wrote on Sunday that the perch need a lift.
7/15/2012 - wind SE. A few perch with plastic on McKinley pier. A lot of Gobies on crabtails and minnows.
7/13/2012 - winds E - SE. A few perch caugh on minnows in the inside past the T. Wind just switched to SE when T-storms emptied the pier.
7/12/2012 - E turning to SE wind on pier, one member finally caught his first perch of the year. Perch 11 to 13 inches being caught on Fin-S and Gulp. Here's a pic of a 13 incher, he threw it back so someone in the derby could maybe catch it.
6/26/2012 - Nothing on the pier during the day, a few caught in the very early A.M.
6/17/2012 - Openng weekend. Slow on the breakwaters, a few being caught mostly in the very early A.M.

7/5/06 - McKinley Pier. Slow, most of the perch were in the 9 inch range.

7/6/06 - McKinley Pier. Slow again, the water cooled, the fish were hitting very light, used a 1/16 oz jig, got 5 which averaged almost 12 inches in two hours. When a small school would come though, action was pretty good, now if the schools would only get bigger.

7/7/06 - What few perch were around were really smacking the jig today, unlike yesterday where they just seemed to hold it. Word has it that some 14 inchers are being caught on the southside somewhere.

7/8/06 - Too much wind, my casts kept winding up behing me.

7/9/06 - Hang on to your rod day. I'm told that both the perch and salmon were hitting off McKinley in the early A.M. In the afternoon a few perch were being caught. Good thing I was holding on to my rod, caught an 8 lb brown and my first 14 inch perch of the year, sorry no pic, but what a beauty. Threw back both. I hope to catch that perch next year when he's around 16 inches.

8/406 - Water is still cold, but warming up. No perch, no Salmon off the pier.

8/9/06 - A few perch on jigs, some guys were catching their limits using minnows. Heres a nice orange fin lunker from today.