The Hypocrisy

“As part of court agreements, the Department of Natural Resources reduces bag limits for recreational hook and line anglers in lakes declared for harvest by the Chippewa bands to assure the combined tribal and recreational angler harvest does not jeopardize the ability of walleye to sustain its population in any lake.”

Remember the walleye stocking numbers, what happens when we refine it a little, to look at the numbers for the years and fish put into Ceded lakes? For example, I believe that Vilas Co. had 82% and Sawyer Co. had 50% of their stocked walleyes put into Ceded lakes with reduced limits. It would appear that stocking is a major component of walleye management on Ceded lakes or that sustainable populations are no longer possible on some. The DNR will stock to compensate for spearing of walleyes, but not for netting of perch?
The DNR spends large amounts of money to stock Ceded lakes with reduced limits, yet will not stock perch in Lake Michigan to increase limits. For all that stocking expense, millions of people in SE Wisconsin can drive 4-5 hours to keep an extra walleye or 2, but are denied the option of driving minutes to take more then 5 perch? Because it would cost too much? Favoritism or hypocrisy? 92 million walleyes for Lake Mendota, 378,000 perch for Milwaukee.

Starting in 2000, the recommendation is that tax dollars be used to subsidize commercial fishing because "... it will never be self supporting." and "As with other small businesses, GPR should be used to support the viability of this industry."
Yet in a letter supporting AB-176, from the Wis. Commercial Fisheries Assoc. "The commercial fishery only wants to be economically viable and operate in a stable, sensible business climate." Read some of the other replies here.
What a change, in 2000 commercials want to be like other small businesses and get tax money. In 2011 for AB-176 all they want is to be economically viable. Well that's easy, all they have to do is tell the Legislature to increase the cost in their licenses to $5000 per year and that will eliminate their subsidy from sport licenses.

Some of the many double standards the DNR use when it comes to perch.

- The loss of 30,000 perch, to nets in 2001 is of such great impact that sport closure is increased 50% to 45 days the very next year. Yet the DNR finds that it would take tens of millions or 100 million perch stocked to impact perch numbers.
removed Northern Pike as a commercial species, but refuse the same protection for perch dispite a public vote to do so.
DNR Forestry division auctions off millions of dollars of public trees, DNR fisheries gives away millions in public fish to commercial fishers. While surplus State property such as filing cabinets, old computers, cars, boats, buildings, even old DNR pick up trucks are sold at auction to the highest bidder. .
- No commercial fishing of any game fish, other then yellow perch.
- No commercial fishing of any fish stocked, except yellow perch.
- No commercial fishing of any fish preying on invasive species, expect yellow perch which feed on gobies & spiny water fleas.
- DNR reduces Lake Michigan perch sport season 15 days to protect larger female perch present in 2002 because they laid 15 times as many eggs as the female perch of 1990. Yet due to continued commercial fishing, Green Bay perch have and today still, only average the same size or smaller then those same 1990 perch. Why are large female perch so critical to the Lake Michigan fishery, but so irrelevant to the Green Bay perch fishery? Even though the Green Bay quota was just reduced by 90%, down to only 20,000 lbs in 2001.
- Claimed that the stocking of 386,000 perch was not 'meaningful'. Yet they stocked fewer, Atlantic Salmon, Musky, Lake Sturgeon, Small Mouth Bass, and only a few more Northern Pike. Of 14 species stocked, 42% were at levels, near or less then perch.
- Only yellow perch have a harvest that is split 50/50, between sport and commercial fishers.
- While after public debate, all tax payers now subsidize the milk industry and aquafarming, but with no public debate, only sportsmen subsidize commercial fishing.
- Walleyes, Lake Trout, Alewives have had their commercial harvest limits set to zero pounds. Lake Michigan Yellow perch have been denied the same protection, because it would only be 'symbolic'.
- DNR protects critical spawning areas of rivers from not only nets but sport fishing, yet allows nets to be placed on reefs critical for spawning perch.
- USFWS stocks 1.2 million perch in Lake Superior in 2005, but nothing is said about the dangers of stocking perch there, only in Lake Michigan?
- DNR doesn't want to stock perch fingerling perch again, yet has had no problem stocking, fingerlings of salmon, trout, walleyes, splake, etc. Splake? has anyone reading this caught or know of anyone who has caught a Splake??? Yea, that's a real money maker for the DNR and State.