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Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan Yellow Perch Conservation Groups ®
Dedicated to the Release, Restoration and Protection of Wisconsin's Zone 3 L.M. Native Yellow Perch

Amended June 21, 2012

Why the Advanced Predictability of WIDNR Yellow Perch Assessment Records Numbers?                                                    

Hello, Those Concerned about the Abuse of the WIDNR's Native Wis. Lake Michigan Yellow Perch Assessment Records, All related WIDNR records can be viewed at the WIDNR’s website, http://dnr.wi.gov/fish/lakemich/yellowperch.htm, The original condemning 2008 Spawning assessment record has been destroyed by the WIDNR. All other records have been sanitized but remain revealing and condemning.

Two Numbers we Predicted Prior to WIDNR's Posting        Email 120                Email .55 

Emailed to Milwaukee Journal  120 & 167 as 120167.8 on Dec 19, 2011. Emailed to Senator Darling 120 and .55 as, Subject: test  120 - .55---414-540-6383.  Date: Sunday, December 25, 2011 4:10 PM. The 414-540-6383 is a phone #

To review copies of the emails click on Email 120 and Email .55 for the numbers we predicted four-months prior to the official WIDNR posting on April 16, 2012. 

US Justice Dept. Attorney The contact telephone number for US Attorney Richard Frohling; they are doing a preliminary investigation. This will provide an opportunity to address your fears, or concerns. You may wish to provide information that would assist in their investigation. Contact US Attorney Richard Frohling at, 414-297-1700 and let him know you support our five-year effort of exposing the deception in the WIDNR's Native Wis. Lake Michigan Yellow Perch assessment records. And a full investigation is warranted to reveal how deep into the WIDNR this deception could reach.

Cost Estimates  April of 1998, one year into a joint perch rearing project, Fred Binkowski, Senior Scientist. UW- Milw. Great Lakes Water Institute estimates the cost of stocking perch at, 16-cent per a 1-2 -inch perch and 30-cent per a 4 -inch perch. Sept. 2004 WIDNR, Brad Eggold, Southern Lake Michigan Fishery Supervisor, quotes the same cost, plus he said it would require 16-million to do the job. All WIDNR assessment records details that there where 22.53-million 1 to 2- inch or 1.67-million 4 - inch perch transferred to Lake Michigan 2001 thru 2003. What money was used, State or Federal? Incidentally both the above were together interviewed about missing Perch by the DNR's Law Enforcement Aug. 11, 2009 because of information that we had provided, which launched their five-month investigation into million of perch that were produced and documented but vanished from their shared facility in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Our investigation went deeper, was more intensive, required five-years and expended more effort. The DNR's Law Enforcement investigation did discover something incriminating because they cited Wis.State Stat. 19.37(1) which prevented us from reviewing that related public record.

 Five of Five Fraudulent WIDNR Perch Assessment Records   
 The below Five of Five Fraudulent WIDNR perch assessment records depicting the lengths taken by the WIDNR to cover-up their deceptions. Records ( 2nd of five ), and (Pred 4th), are encrypted using similar methodology, which made it easy for us to predict the number 120 for 2011 and is shown in Pred 4. The predicted .55 is shown in (Pred 3) Compare for yourself. In total we determined five of the six WIDNR assessment records are frauds and we see no reason to believe, without checking, the sixth would be any different. Condemning these five fraudulent records, the condemning destruction of the original condemning 2008 record, and the condemning two-year refusal of the WIDNR to provide the names of person or persons entering numbers on their website, and the condemning inability of the WIDNR to prove how they arrived at their critical nine-primary numbers, and the condemning need to cite Wis.State Stat. 19.37(1),  the condemning ability of us to predict numbers prior to be posted, and the condemning lack of health inspection number for the counted and documented perch that vanished in 2001 thru 2003, and the condemning appearance of VHS in perch off Milwaukee's shore after the last transfer of perch in 2003.The above 8 condemnings equal a scary, to tell the truth time, for the WIDNR's if the US Justice Dept investigates.
                   1st of five                 2nd of five                Pred 3rd                Pred 4th                5th of five