Clandestine Stocking ? pt. 3

Fast forward 3 years, to 1981.
Commercial harvests of perch drop even lower, reaching bottom in 1980.  Did too many of their new 1978 school of foreign perch wind up in commercial nets, were they caught by sportsmen, just swim away?  Did commercial fishers cut back on fishing and harvest with the shortage of perch, what of those fin clipped perch? With the help of Fred Binkowski and Milwaukee County 200,000 Green Bay strain sac fry are stocked off South Shore to “to investigate the utilization of a shore zone artificial reef by forage and sport fishes and compare the sport fishing success at the reef site with other popular and historical inshore fishing areas”.  Again, no effort is made by the DNR to protect the waters of this test site (grid 1901) from commercial perch fishing to protect the results of this investigation. This time the Milwaukee Journal report the stocking before it happens, here. By 1983 stocking isn't mentioned, now the perch are back because Indiana and Illinois have so many, perch are forced to Wisconisn and large numbers of perch netted by commercials near shore are excused by the DNR. here. It's starting, protecting commercials from blame and given access to stocked perch paid for by sportsmen. In the future, many including the DNR will feel that commercials didn't cut heavily into the perch population, since huge violations reported in CanAm (bottom) don’t result in any WI commercial limit reductions.

Commercial harvest of perch goes from 6,000 lbs. to 270,000 lbs in just 4 years, the good times are back, with little or nothing said about stocking perch. But wait, the Quota System is about to change everything. When going to the next page, remember the number 200,000.   Next: Clandestine Stocking? pt. 4