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What happened to the Yellow Perch in the Wisconsin Waters of Lake Michigan?

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The purpose of this web page is to make information more easily available to the public and hopefully encourage them to contact their state representatives and demand change. It represents years of gathering data from public sources. This web site represents my beliefs and opinions, using data as found from various sources which, I believe that I've interpreted correctly. It is my hope that after you review the facts you may find yourself of the same opinion as I. That being, that the DNR ruined the Lake Michigan perch fishing by not only allowing the over fishing of perch by commercial fishers but also refuses to fix the problem by stocking the perch again, as they have done in the past. Also that the fishermen of this State pay more for their fishing licenses because they are subsidizing the commercial fishing fleet to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It is also my opinion that the mismanagement of the yellow perch has resulted in the loss of jobs, a great recreational fishery and millions of dollars to the economy of this state.

Here then are some of the points to be found with public data within this site.

- How bad is perch fishing today after 13 years of DNR studies, see How bad is it
- Once the DNR stocked perch without regard for neither disease nor native genes. Just 6 years after the first stocking, commercial harvest went from 20,000 to 820,000 perch.  See Stocking.
- The DNR in 1998, did not inform the other states of the first stocking nor of the success of the stocking, why? Click here.
- Why does the WDNR have a problem with again stocking yellow perch in Lake Michigan but yet 1.2 million yellow perch were stocked in Lake Superior in 2005, why the double standard? See Mr. Andersons quote.
- The Wisconsin DNR allowed critical female perch to be overfished by 200 - 400% (See Dr. Wilberg), even allowing the commercial fishing of perch when females comprised only 5% of the total perch population. See Creel
- The Quota system of 1989 shifted commercial effort to April, the month just before spawning, that same year perch recruitment came to an abrupt halt.
- The estimated economic value of sport fishing is 10 - 20 times greater then commercial fishing. See Money
- The quota system for perch doesn't work.
- The average female perch during those years of commercial fishing was less then 6 ½ inches, without commercial fishing they grew to an average of 10 ¾ inches. See Facts.
- Why was critial scientific information about the perch missing from DNR reports for 1993 and 1995? See DNR says?
- Wisconsin sportsmen lost two weeks of perch fishing, starting in 2002 because one commercial ignored DNR warnings? See 2001
- The DNR paid $1.4 million to 11 lucky commercial fishers, or about $20 for Lake Trout worth $2.10.
- Will four commercial fishers have the future rights to almost 50% of all future Lake Michigan yellow perch? See Big $
- In four years an estimated 5 million perch were taken illegally by commercial fishers. See Wilberg and CanAm
- In 2004 the commercial fleet was subsidized $461,000 by sportsmen of this state, that same year the top 5 commercial fishers reported catches with a dockside value of $584,000. See Big $

- Read DNR letter explaining past perch stocking, and double speak using the word, "meaningful".
- Lake Erie stocked 1,000,000 perch, each year in 2001, 03, and 05, and they had and continue to have a healthy population after those stockings. The only fish not stocked in Lake Michigan are perch that had and and continues to have a unhealthy perch population. Now who has the better perch management strategy?

As to the DNR’s excuses of disease, foreign invaders, wind, lack of food, etc. all the studies costing thousands if not millions of dollars have come to naught, nothing but theories that still can’t be proven. So why doesn’t the DNR admit and address the overfishing. Maybe to do so is to put an end to the monies for all the studies and worse, admit the perch crisis in Lake Michigan was their fault. After all, who allows the continued commercial fishing of perch, after they have just been stocked as part of an investigation into restoring yellow perch habitat. Maybe someone that doesn't want the sport stocking to be made public and in so doing protect the future commercial fishing of perch? I believe that is proof of politics at work, you can read here what science requires after stocking.

There is no shortage of information as to the mismanagement of the yellow perch in Lake Michigan, which leaves one to wonder why our state representatives allow it to continue. The loss of tax dollars, tourism dollars, license fees, and harm to the fishery, hurt not only the sportsmen of this state but also the taxpayers of this state as well. Email us, join our group (no membership fees), get the latest info.