who's watching? quote CamAm defendant "We can easily catch 2000 pounds a day". He appears to be the only one. Well, from 1989-1996, there were 7576 trips reported, with 26 trips reporting catches of 2000 lbs or more, strange only 4 fishers were able to repeat that trick.

1989, the quota started, before that it was first come, first get the perch. But a strange thing happened starting in 1989. Perch numbers are at record highs, but some fishers needs more net, more trips, now why would that be? Two to three times the net, 3 to 4 times as many trips to catch about the same number of perch until the perch were gone. Other fishers, do so much better, able to catch their perch with so much less net and fewer trips. Maybe some fishers are really bad or unlucky? Good thing then that the quota system prevents competition.

The way the defendants described their technique in the CanAm investigation was that they underreported or failed to report harvest. Dr. Wilberg’s report estimates that for every perch reported, 2 others were caught and not reported.
How might things change with the new rules? How’s this for a theory for the new monitoring rules. Upon raising the last net and taking aboard 1000 lbs. of fish, a fisher reports via his new computer that he has taken 500 lbs. of fish. Upon reaching the dock, and unloading his catch, he is not visited by a warden, so that evening, he reports taking 250 lbs of fish. For those days when the warden is at the dock, well, oops, he miscalculated. But assures the warden that, that evening he will report his 1000 lbs and does. So, how do computers protect fish? They don’t. My bank knows that, Best Buy knows that, that’s why they have cashiers, every day, checking every customer. WDNR version is 16 isles of checkout, with teller’s present 1 day in 40. Under the repeat offender program, there are only 2 isles, and the teller’s might be there a few more times. The perch have been overfished several times. I wonder how long until the next time. Technology plays both ways. In CamAm,. I believe that some of the violators were running counter surveillance against wardens and reporting the warden’s location. Making sure to hit a checkout line without a teller? Today, you can just pick up a phone or text message any and all, ‘hey, Mr. Warden is standing on my dock’. Ummm?