Good-bye Green Bay?

Is there a coming collapse of the Green Bay fishery, due to lack of baitfish/forage, too many fish being removed, catching ever younger perch, too much unknown damage from nets? Historically, salmon suffered a crash when the alewife crashed, Lake Michigan perch crashed after too many large breeders were taken by nets, walleye with pollution and dams. With GB maybe:

- No forage fish click here. Northern GB trawl, less then 2% are whitefish, smelt, alewife, shad, suckers or yellow perch. Southern GB, isn't much better. So what are walleye, perch, pike, musky and trout suppose to eat? Is, or will there be enough food?
- Average size of Green Bay perch have been declining for 4 years to record small size.A sign of overfishing here

- WDNR creel surveys: in 2000 they recorded 1038 perch caught in Brown Co, 83 in Oconto & 5 in Marinette. By 2011 they recorded only 4 perch in Brown, 196 in Oconto and 45 in Marinette.
- The decline in perch numbers estimated by , see the reality of waiting.
- WDNR stopped doing perch population surveys after 2008, with continued netting, perch are being overfished, again.
- Commercial perch limits in excess of ability to harvest, or possibly even in excess of total perch present.

- 67 year old out of date perch laws allowing for 7.5" size limit of perch on Green Bay instead of 2002 laws designed to protect and allow large (9+ inches) breeding females to spawn for more years. Results, today's perch growing twice as fast as in 1955 are not protected and neither are the large breeders as seen by the disappearance by 2010, of perch over 3 years old. Also commercials are taking perch that are on average 50%+ heavier then sport caught. Dr. Wilberg found the lack of large breeders, caused by commercial overfishing, caused the Lake Michigan collapse.