Clandestine Stocking ? pt. 1

Why that title, because some of us believe that’s the way the WDNR prefers to stock perch. Some possilbe reasons?:

1. Historically, the DNR has never really advertised perch stockings, instead they seem to have tried to hide or downplay the past stockings? For example: the data base of stockings by The Great Lakes Fishery Commission, somehow never had the 1978 & 1981 WDNR perch stockings on their database until our group informed them of those stockings. How about the WDNR's database, click here. Click on Milwaukee County. Why aren't the 378,000+ Lake Michgian stocked perch listed? For perch researchers here's the spreadsheet for WDNR perch stocking, excel format.
2. Commercial fishers don’t want perch stocked again, for fear that it will result in the closure of commercial perch fishing, just as happened in the past.. Read here Question 5, page.6.
3. If commercial perch fishing is closed, there is a possibility of going to court?
4. If stocked perch were found to hurt the population though disease or some other factor, again, it could turn into a court case?
5. Having records showing that perch needed stocking and just how many perch had to be stocked to replace perch lost to overfishing, might give public officials the idea that WDNR management leaves something to be desired?

As you can see, clandestine stocking could help the WDNR avoid many possible controversies.

Why stock fish, 3 main reasons:
1. creation of a new fishery or to improve fishing for recreational purposes
2. management purposes by stocking predator species to control the overpopulation of another species
3. to supplement natural fish reproduction.

The past and current perch situation would certainly qualify, historically low populations, predation by perch on spiny water fleas and gobies, poor reproduction possibly due to overfishing and or invasive mussels.

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