Clandestine Stocking ? pt. 2

In 1978 after 13 years of no recovery by the perch, the WNDR stock perch.  But while their hatcheries and Coop ponds are producing 100+ million fish per year, click here. They decide to order out from another state for some yellow perch to put into Lake Michigan?.  1.6 million Whitefish for Lakes Superior and Michigan, millions of Walleyes for Lake Michigan, Salmon and Lake Trout, etc. but they raise no perch for Lake Michigan.  While the WDNR takes delivery of 178,740 and stocks them off Milwaukee, they do not close commercial fishing in grid 1901 or any surrounding waters.  Why?  Would closing commercial fishing for perch make news?  Would it upset commercials?  But to determine the success or failure of their stockings, wouldn’t one wish the least amount of disturbance and interference to the WDNR’s newest school of perch? 
Did the DNR say anything at the time, what would they have said of stocking, that they decided to go to the expense and effort as a one time experiment, that they were sure the perch would make a comeback on there own sometime in the future?  That stocking was in no way indicative of how bad the perch situation had become?  That the overabundance of alewives blamed for the rapid decline of the perch population would not affect these stocked fish? Was this case of stocking perch, for totally different reason(s) then the normal 3 reasons for stocking fish? No, per the Milwaukee Journal here, three years after the fact, perch were stocked to "restore the Lake Michigan perch population".

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