Clandestine Stocking ? pt. 4

It's 1993 and it's terrible news, the last year of the CanAm sting, a sting started just after the switch to Quota system. Total percent female has dropped from 44% of population pre-Quota to only 14% by 1993. No natural predator or invasive can be blamed for targeting only females. Despite obviously being over their quota, the DNR finds no need to reduce their harvest quotas? read here. Why not close it totally since just the admitted violations were ~35% over the limit for ~4 years? How long has DNR personal been aware that too many perch were being taken? Maybe if the perch were shown to be making a come back, the violations wouldn't sound so bad? The Quota system wouldn't be blamed?
It's 1994 and it's getting worse, time to cover some butt? DNR seeks opinions of others about reducing perch harvest. letter 1, letter 2, letter 3. If the perch recovered like before, there would be no need for reduction/closure, no blame?
It's 1995 and worse still, number of females down to just 10%. Time to cut harvests in half, even though sportsmen didn't violate, they and the public suffer for commercial greed and DNR mismanagment?
1996 - Commercial yellow perch is the first speices to have only a temporary closure. Is the DNR, for some reason, expecting perch to make a come back in a short time, like in 4-5 years, even though the number of females hit bottom at only 5% of total population?
1997 - Females 11% up from the previous years bottom but still no perch? Time for a broodstock program, but eggs are so scarce. Binkowski is given the perch eggs they manage to find, now there's a familiar name read here, page 13 . But why start breeding them and producing lots of eggs?
1998 - a very good year class shows up in Lake Michigan, but from where? Binkowski's brood stock is only one year old.

Clearly some strange happenings, and I can come up with only one possible explaination of the perch stocking, see table below

Finally, 1994 the DNR gets into stocking perch big time, but wait, they’re putting them where??? The Rock River?!? Strange, a stocking program that big, usually makes the news? Never before or since have so many perch in such a short time gone into a river. I don’t believe in coincidences like this, I look at the above chart and see perch production scaling up starting in 1990, hitting high gear in 1994, just when letters mention very low reproduction in Lake Michigan. I see commercial perching not being closed in 1994 because someone knew stocking was coming to Lake Michigan. I see no permanent closure of commercial perching because someone figures that stocking will work just like in 1978 & 81. I see a 98 year class that was a little stronger because of stocking. I see the possibility that numbers produced were even higher. I see perch hatchery production shifting from WDNR hatcheries to UW Water Institute, so as to stock perch with the correct, 1997 Lake Michigan, genes in even larger numbers. I can see the WDNR trying to protect the commercials from the fallout of a perch fishery decimated by illegal fishing and the Quota system that inspired it. What do you see, all 1.2 million, expensive, badly needed perch gently floating down to the Mississippi? Why was buying 100,000 broodstock perch fine, just 3 years previously, for Beaver Dam but not for O.K. for other lakes later? Or does anyone believe that 1.2 million perch were needed to produce 3,000 breeding females in Lake Koshkonong? Didn't Lake Michigan need those females more?

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