Clandestine Stocking ? pt. 5

In 1997 the DNR went into Lake Michigan to get some wild perch eggs with 4 objectives in mind. The 4 studies, allegedly done, on these perch can be found referenced at bottom.
One objective was “To establish a captive broodstock of Lake Michigan strain of yellow perch”
While details as to the usage of a relative few number of perch can be read in all of the above, we can find nothing as to the reason, cost, or final disposition of the perch for the broodstock part of that program.

Over 150 liters, (see docs 2000, 2001, 2001B, 2002) at I’m told 121,000 eggs per liter, resulting in 18+ million perch eggs were produced.
Why? Yes, why produce so many perch eggs
, when only 10 adults were needed for one study, a few thousand fry for the others. Why millions, when Binkowski only mentions 5,000-10,000 fish for preserving the Lake Michigan strain? page 13

To put this in prospective, see estimated perch population chart above. 18 million eggs compared to to the roughly 4.5 million perch stocked in all of Wisconsin over the past 40 years. 12 times as many perch eggs produced in just 3 years as in 40 years, (3 million eggs were purchased)? ~7.4 million salmon were stocked during that same time.

So what does one do with 18 million, Lake Michigan stain yellow perch? It’s claimed that they weren't put back into Lake Michigan. Why not, since there was such a great and obvious need? How can anyone justify the cost to the public, and sportsmen for the production of so many perch? Just to see if it can be done? That's like 2 years of salmon hatchery production just disappearing?

From an Oct 22, 2004 Wis. Outdoor News article: "The DNR would have to stock 16 million fish. The next problem would be finding a source for all of those eggs. Getting donor stock from other places would introduce a new genetic component. Eggold said this would be dangerous to stock, especially when the existing perch already are reproducing naturally. According to Eggold this process would cause more harm than good."

Let's check, 16 million perch claimed to be needed, ~18 million perch eggs produced from 1999-2003. "...finding a source for all of those eggs", the source that was at the UW Water Institute from 1997-2003, the correct genetic stock taken from Lake Michigan in 1997? It appears that someone may be recounting history as theory?

I think, 18 million eggs is not an experiment, it's a stocking program. From 1994 to 2003, more perch were produced then ever before, but not for Lake Michigan, strange? What do you believe? Just where did ALL those perch go?


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